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The now well established website (formerly is being upgraded with the sub-site, The Yellapragada SubbaRow Archives Online, in response to the wide demand by visitors, scientists and laymen alike, for access to the personal and scientific papers of Dr Yellapragada SubbaRow.

The Yellapragada SubbaRow Archives Online has Dr SubbaRow's personal papers made available without conditions to Mr S P K Gupta by the late Mrs Seshagiri SubbaRow and her parental family in the 1960s, by the Dean of Harvard Medical School in 1962 through his special assistant Dr Harry C Trimble, and by Lederle Laboratories before, during and after Mr Gupta's visit to its archives in Pearl River in 1965 at the invitation of the authorities of the pharmaceutical company then headed by Dr Wilbur Malcolm, close associate of Dr SubbaRow at Pearl River from 1940 to 1948.

Mr Kasturi Ramachandra Rao, brother of Mrs Seshagiri SubbaRow, has blessed the Yellapragada SubbaRow Archives Online with all the pages of Dr SubbaRow’s Letters Home..

The kindness of the donors of the papers were gratefully acknowledged by Mr Gupta in the biography and is now reaffirmed by him on behalf of the SubbaRow Club, which created and is maintaining the website and has taken the responsibility to upgrade it with The Yellapragada SubbaRow Archives Online.

These papers include letters, memoranda and notebooks of Dr SubbaRow and were previously used by Mr Gupta for writing the biography of Dr SubbaRow that was subsequently published as 'in quest of panacea' by Evelyn Publishers with Mr Gupta as author and Dr Edgar L. Milford, Lederle Archivist, as collaborator.

The inputs for The Yellapragada SubbaRow Archives Online have become available partly because of a joint project of the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library (NMML) and Evelyn Publishers to digitize the SubbaRow Papers collection of Mr S P K Gupta. The project was conceived by Dr N Balakrishnan, Deputy Director of NMML, as the means to transfer the original Papers from the personal custody of Mr Gupta to NMML and to make the available digitized images and the texts derived from them for The Yellapragada SubbaRow Archives Online. The SubbaRow Club is grateful to both NMML and Evelyn Publishers.

Ms. J Saraniya did the digitization of SubbaRow Papers now available on this website. The Yellapragada SubbaRow Archives Online records its appreciation of Ms. Saraniya's services.

What you currently see is only a tenth of the SubbaRow Papers with Mr Gupta. Resumption of the digitisation work with the support of NMML is awaited.

As with the original website so with the upgrading, the SubbaRow Club is being funded by the Evelyn Publishers partially out of a grant from the Dr Y SubbaRow Memorial Symposium Committee (1994). The Club thanks Dr S S Rastogi, President, and Dr A K Agarwal, Secretary General, of the Symposium Committee as well as Mrs Devi Prasanna of Evelyn Publishers.

Several audios of the interviews conducted by Mr Gupta and Dr Milford with the colleagues and other associates of Dr SubbaRow are available here. The transcripts are also available alongside. Those who wish to reproduce them must get in touch with Mr. Gupta and obtain prior permission.

A gallery of photos with captions is provided for viewing only. Those who wish to reproduce them must get in touch with Mr. Gupta for information about their copyright owners in order to obtain prior permission.

The ambition of the Yellapragada SubbaRow Archives Online to provide digitized copies of all the scientific contributions of Dr SubbaRow has received a fillip with the National Archives of India providing the digitised copies of the SubbaRow Papers of the Lederle Years (1940-48). These are being formatted in preparation for uploading into the Archives Online.

The originals of the SubbaRow Papers of the Lederle Years are now with the National Archives of India.

The Yellapragada SubbaRow Archives Online is initially providing a complete listing of Dr SubbaRow’s co-authored journal papers with links to a few for which permissions have been obtained. URL links are provided for the rest of the papers.

The SubbaRow Club is an informal group of Dr SubbaRow's admirers who created the original website (now Its membership is open to all who would volunteer time, talent and funds for spreading awareness of Dr SubbaRow's life and work. Evelyn Publishers is a non-profit endeavour dedicated to this same cause, and is managed by Mrs Devi Prasanna from Ella's Cottage, B-108 Gulmohar Park, New Delhi 110049, India.

The SubbaRow Club welcomes into its fraternity Mr Rasahmi Ranjan and Mr Rakesh Kumar Singh who have contributed to the creation and maintenance of The Yellapragada SubbaRow Archives Online.

The SubbaRow Club is obliged to Ms. Pallavi Bedi for vetting the drafts of the Disclaimer and Copyright Information.

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