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Jan. 12, 1895 Born in Bhimavaram, W. Godavari, Andhra Pradesh, India
1908 Aborted attempt to run away to Varanasi
January 1913 Father Jagannadham Dies
Joins Madras Presidency College
1915 Enters Madras Medical College
May 10, 1919 Marries Seshagiri
1921 Gets LMS Certificate
July 1921 Brother Purushottam dies of Tropical Sprue
1921 Lecturer in Anatomy and Physiology at Madras Ayurvedic College
Sep. 27, 1923 Leaves Bombay for USA via London
Oct. 26, 1923 Arrives in Boston to enter the Harvard School of Tropical Medicine
Apr. 12, 1924 Son is born
Jun. 12, 1924 Diploma in Tropical Medicine
Enters Harvard Medical School for Ph.D. in Biochemistry
Dec. 24, 1924 Son dies of Erysipelas
Dec. 1925 Fiske-SubbaRow Method published in Journal of Biological Chemistry
April 1927 Phosphocreatine unveiled before the Society of Biological Chemists at Rochester, N.Y.
Aug. 1929 ATP presented at the 13th International Physiological Congress
Jun. 19, 1930 Harvard Ph.D.
Teaching Fellow, HMS
April 1934 Vilma Prochownick joins SubbaRow's laboratory
Jun. 19, 1935 Renounces credit for Phosphocreatine, ATP
Sep. 1, 1936 Instructor
Sep. 1937 Vilma leaves Subbarow's laboratory to enter Colorado Sanatorium
October 1938 Associate
May 1940 Leaves HMS
Associate Director of Research, Lederle Laboratories, Pearl River
Sep. 9, 1941 Florey & Heatley visit Pearl River to get SubbaRow's Penicillin
Jan. 24 ,1942 Gramicidin produced as first-ever antibiotic at SubbaRow's laboratory; is cleared for first-aid dressings
Oct, 1, 1942 Director of Research
Aug. 31,1945 Folic Acid synthesis announced in Science
Oct. 17,1947 Hetrazan unveiled
April 1948 Aminopterin's success in leukaemia announced
Jul. 21, 1948 Aureomycin presented to the New York Academy of Sciences
Aug.8/9,1948 Dies in sleep at Pearl River, NY, USA.