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Dr Jim Boothe

Hello! Would you like to listen to Dr Jim Boothe, the distinguished organic chemist, talk about Dr Yellapragada SubbaRow? Dr Boothe spoke to Mr S P K Gupta and Dr Edgar L Milford in 1965 at Pearl River, New York State, on his work for Dr SubbaRow on the synthesis of folics and antifolics.

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Interviews with other associates of Dr SubbaRow are available on the subsite (Dr. Yellapragada SubbaRow Archives Online).

Click here To Listen to them. Here is a partial list of the interviewees (Date of Recording in brackets if available) whose tapes we can post on this website or make it available on CD on request to Mr Gupta care Evelyn Publishers: 1 Dr Benjamin Alexander, Beth Israel Hospital, Boston, MA (15.4.1965);2.

Dr. William Berenberg, Children's Hospital, Boston, MA (15.4.1965); 3. Dr. A.M. Brues, Biological and Medical Research, Argonne National Laboratory (10.4.65); 4. Dr.C.W. Hesseltine, USDA Fermentation Laboratory, Peoria, IL (10.4.1965); 5. Dean Emeritus Burwell, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA (14.10.1965); 6. Dr.& Mrs B.M. Jacobson, Mass General Hospital, Boston MA(14.4.65); 7. Dr John T. Edsall, Harvard Biological Laboratories, Cambridge, MA (15.4.65); 8. Evans (11.4.65); 9. Mr. Otto Wieland (16.11.64); 10.Dr. J.C. Aub, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA (14.4.1965); 11.Dr. James M. Smith, Organic Chemist (2.4.1965); 12.Mrs. Anne Schivek Mowat, Isolation Chemist (4.4.1965); 13.Mr. V. Martini (Animal Screening) & Ralph Clark, Isolation Chemist (2.4.1965);14.Dr. James H. Williams, Research Administrator(13.3.65); 15.Mr. Gordon Personeous (Animal Testing)(18.3.65); 16.Dr. Brian L. Hutchings, Biochemist (26.3.65);17 Dr. Redginal Hewitt, Parasitologist (26.3.65); 18.Dr. Samuel Kushner, Organic Chemist (29.3.65); 19.Dr. Austin Joyner MD (23.3.65); 20.Dr. Benjamin W. Carey MD(22.3.65); 21.Mr. Peter W. Fryth (Administration)(24.3.65); 22.Dr. Max Tishler, Organic Chemist,& Mrs. Tishler/Dr. Carl, Research Direction & Mrs. Addinall (23.4.65); 23.Mr. Robert Bolton (Administration)(29.3.65); 24.Dr.J J Denton, Organic Chemist (30.3.65); 25.Mr.Frank Ablondi, Isolation Chemist(31.3.65); 26.Dr.John H. Mowat, Organic Chemist (31.3.65); 27.Dr.Nestor Bohonos, Biochemist & Mr A J Shay (4.5.65); 28.Dr.Edwin Ball Mycologist (4.5.65); 29.Dr.William P. Murphy MD NL(17.4.65); 30.Rev.G.M.Targerson, Pastor (18.4.65); and 31.Mr.Joseph Eiderdown (Antibiotics)(4.2.65).